Change Management Training
The cost of stalled, failed, and abandoned initiatives across businesses is staggering. Even the best technical solutions can fall short at implementation if the behavioral aspects of the change are not well managed. 

Half of the improvement equation is identifying the true root cause of a problem and generating an optimal solution. The other half is getting key people to buy in and adopt the change.
If the success of your improvement relies on people adopting new procedures and adapting their behaviors within the process, then you absolutely must create a Change Management Plan that parallels your improvement effort.
Workshop Overview:
Our Change Management Workshop focuses on concrete tools and techniques that have been proven to increase ownership and acceptance of major organizational changes.
  • Identify key supporting and restraining forces for your initiative. Create strategies to leverage the drivers and mitigate the blocks. 
  • Identify Key Stakeholders and their relationship to the change, as well as their current and needed position for the change.
  • Use proven techniques to create Influence Strategy 
  • Develop Stakeholder specific Communication Plans to build active commitment and early adoption of change.