Facilitation Skills Training
Learn from professional facilitators how to spark energy in a group, how to help group members build on each other's ideas, how to generate creativity & breakthrough thinking for problem solving, and how to drive the group toward action.  
Our Facilitation Skills Workshop (FSW) is designed specifically for individuals responsible for launching and maintaining work teams, managing groups or a department, conducting group meetings, or providing consultation within the organization.
This includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • Managers, Supervisors, and Leadership Group members
  • Team Leaders or people who run group or department meetings
  • Internal Consultants, Facilitators and Project Coordinators
Workshop Overview
Our objective is to help workshop participants develop the skills necessary to become more effective in managing meetings, facilitating the meeting process, guiding teams toward breakthrough results, building the degree of teamwork in departments around specific processes, and affecting change in the organization.
Our FSW is an intensive program based heavily on experiential learning along with the opportunity for self-directed learning. 
The two primary competencies developed are Assessment and Intervention. In addition to developing a core set of assessment skills, the FSW is designed to allow participants to set their own learning goals and build the skills that they need most while they practice multiple live-group intervention styles & techniques.
Among the skills FSW participants develop are:
  • Promoting effective meeting management
  • Aligning a team
  • Achieving clarity and agreement on team goals, roles and procedural dimensions
  • Soliciting input from quiet members and discouraging disruptive behaviors
  • Managing conflict
  • Judging the appropriate level of participation in decision making for key players
  • Choosing appropriate decision making procedures
  • Promoting true group consensus when appropriate
  • Building individual communication skills in the arenas of Advocacy & Inquiry
  • Establishing clear communication within the team
  • Promoting effective feedback among team members
  • Effectively managing a team project
  • Developing an action plan to manage key stakeholders
  • Identifying individual Influence Styles Preferences and developing other styles
  • Observing and interpreting group dynamics
  • Giving a group feedback about how they are working (or not working) together
  • Providing teams with tools to break barriers