Team Effectiveness Training
We provide internationally-recognized Team Effectiveness sessions for natural work teams and project teams in all functions and at all levels in organizations. Whether your team is just starting out our you have been working together and are struggling to achieve your goals, our Team Effectiveness Training will catapult your group to productivity. This is a hands-on, tool-based session that teaches team members how to plan and execute their projects while getting the most out of each team member. 
We have helped hundreds of teams in service/transactional and manufacturing environments meet and surpass their improvement goals. Our broad range of experience includes helping teams improve quality & decrease downtime on the manufacturing line; helping a group of teams facilitate a climate improvement initiative; training and managing a series of teams responsible for data consolidation in a regulated environment; and facilitating Leadership Development sessions for upper management.
Effective training consists largely of concrete experiences and provides teams/participants an opportunity to use the tools they learn immediately. Lecture/classroom training is certainly part of the overall delivery, however by itself tends to leave people with a great deal of information - but little understanding of how to apply that information toward their goals and objectives.
Our Team Effectiveness Training event utilizes actual team projects to train the most appropriate tools/techniques. With this design, teams actually begin working toward their goals right in the training session. Additionally, coaching from our facilitators is provided for improvement projects. In addition to working through the basics of team effectiveness, problem areas are identified, project plans are developed, data collection plans are constructed, process analysis is initiated, and problem solving tools are utilized. 

The training typically culminates with each team ratifying their Team Charter and negotiating with the Leadership or Sponsoring Group as needed. The oblective is for all interested parties to be clear up-front as to what the expectations and issues are so that the team can do it 'right the first time' and not waste a lot of resources following the wrong paths.